2019 12BIT-Basket Sponsorship Confirmation

Personal Info

Billing Details

In order to make a bank transfer kindly please follow these instructions:

  • Make a transfer bank to "IA ITB Kaltim" with following bank account detail:

         Bank Account Number: 778 886 999 6

         Bank Account Name  : IA ITB KALTIM

         Bank Name                  :Bank Syariah Mandiri

  • On the memo line of the transfer, please indicate that the transfer is for " Sponsorship 12BIT IA ITB Kaltim-Payment ID and put Your Company Name"

Example:   Sponsorship 12BIT IA ITB Kaltim - Your PaymentIDNumber- XYZ Company"

Note: Payment ID number can be found in the sponsorship and bank transfer  confirmation email.

  • After Bank transfer, please provide a copy of your electronic transfer  to 12bit@iaitbkaltim.or.id with subject:" Sponsorship 12BIT IA ITB Kaltim- Your PaymentIDNumber- COMPANY NAME"
  • Please email the logo in a PNG/JPG format of no more than 3MB to 12bit@iaitbkaltim.or.id
  • We will send you a access account for IA ITB Kaltim Commercial Portal with duration as mentioned in the sponsorship package.

Donation Total: Rp94.000.000,00